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Interesting Artists

This is a huge painting by Chuck Close. It looks like a photograph but isn't. Learn more about him by clicking on the link below.


MOMA: A fantastic museum. This site includes information on current exibits as well as art resources in the city.
Metropolitan Museum of Art: This place has everything!
Chuck Close: Go to my next page to experience this great artist.
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Interesting Artists: This is my new main page. It is about new and interesting artists that do everything from glass to books to clay jewlery.
Elisha Cooper: Would you believe this author/artist drew a picture of me? He did! Go see it.
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Art in New York City

I recently moved to New York City and I am enjoying the art available here. On this page I will include links to my favorite sites and information on current exhibits in the area as well as my favorite artists.

The exhibits I have seen recently include:

Chuck Close (fabulous)

Arthur Dove (good)

Bill Viola (not that good)

Egon Schiele (also fabulous)

Click on the links to see more information and pictures on these artists.

Pier Voulkos

I discovered Pier Voulkos' work recently while I was searching through artistic magazines. Pier Voulkos creates jewelry from polymer clay. She makes very large beads with aluminum foil cores to keep them light but large. Her beads are graphically simple, very colorful, and modeled after organic shapes. Unfortunately, she does not have an internet site and I can't find much information about her on the net. If you find a site about her or pictures of her work, please e-mail me so I can add a link to them. ( Here is a picture of one of her necklaces.

I should also mention her father, Peter Voulkos. He is a very famous artist who works with ceramics. I will find information on him and add it soon.

Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt is a well known artist but I will mention him anyway. I recently bought two of his prints for my bedroom. His work is delicate, intricate and of course beautiful. Klimt uses vibrant colors and thin lines and shapes to include as much as possible in each painting.

This is one of the prints I bought. It is called THE VIRGIN and was painted by Klimt in 1913.

Isn't this beautiful? It is called GARDEN ON THE HILL and Gustav Klimt painted it in 1917.

Visit the Gustav Klimt Gallery and see hundreds of his paintings!

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