Interesting Artists


Art in New York City: Visit my first web page about a variety of artists.
Chuck Close: Visit the continuation of my first page. This page is about Chuck Close, a fantastic artist with a show currently traveling around the country.
My Resume: Look at my resume. Soon I will add pictures of my artwork to this page. Come back in a couple weeks to see it.
Elisha Cooper: My experience meeting this Author/Artist
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Interesting Artists

OK, you like Van Gogh and Picasso, and maybe you've heard of Hopper and probably Matise, but what other artists do you like? What other artists do you know about? Before I went to art school, when someone asked me who my favorite artist was, my response was limited to the short list of well known artists I had heard about and I picked the one I could remember the most clearly at the time. I didn't know what was out there, and if I did I couldn't remember names or titles anyway. You may feel the same way. The world of art may seem too large and intimidating to venture into. I hope to make this page a place people can come to find out about fun and interesting artists that they don't hear about every day. There will be a huge variety of types of art, not just painting or photography, but everything from polymer clay jewlery to glass to book illustrations. Use this page to expand your knowledge and concept of art. Learn to value the art you see around you every day.

If you know of anyone you think I should add to my page, please contact me. I would love to see who you are interested in. Just sign my guestbook, answering machine, or e-mail me.

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Dale Chihuly is a glass artist from my home town, Seattle. He is quite famous and recently did work in Venice, Italy. I am just learning about this artist myself so I can't tell you a lot about him yet. I like his huge glass chandeliers. They are formed with masses of smaller colored glass pieces bunched together. The large scale is amazing.

You can go see more work by Dale Chihuly and read about him on his web page.

Katerina Jebb

Katerina Jebb takes pictures differently than most photographers. She uses a copy machine instead of a camera. She suctions her subjects, people (often celebrities), onto the copy machine and keeps them there for the seven minutes each picture takes to print. She does this many times; each final piece of art is a collage of similar pictures with subtle changes that give the work interest and character. Katerina Jebb has recently done photos for Tori Amos' newest CD. The following pictures are of the artist at work and a recent photo of Tori Amos.

I have put two really beautiful pictures of her work on a new webpage.